Finding Good Home Care in Essex

From time to time people need care in their homes, whether it’s because they are aged and frail or because they temporarily sick or disabled. It is not always an option to have someone put into a residential home or short term convalescence home and therefore, as an alternative, a homecare service can be provided. These services are not totally free and you must research just how much you would have to contribute toward the payment for these options before you enter an agreement.

How to Get Homecare Services

Homecare services in Essex, or any other county in the country are generally provided by your local authority, but can be purchased from a private organization as well. If you have been in hospital and need homecare services, you may be referred by a professional and awarded a homecare service at a price that is assessed by your income level. If you earn or make over a certain amount, your financial status would be assessed as to the amount you pay, unless you undertake a private homecare service.
If you are elderly and were in hospital for a short term illness, have been diagnosed with a long term health condition or a disability, you may also qualify for a homecare award. The first point of contact in some cases would be a social worker who would assigned to assess and work on your case. If you are unable to make decisions based on your own needs a social worker may act for you or you can enlist a proxy to help you.

Talking to your social worker can help you decide what kind of homecare you need. Your needs will be based on your current condition as well as your prognosis but you may initially need more care while you recuperate if you have had a long stay in hospital. Homecare services are generally limited to helping you with some household cleaning, cooking or preparing meals, helping you to the bathroom or bathing you among some others. You will discuss your requirements with your social worker before they organize your assistance. Some homecare services will also include small amounts of shopping, but you must have cash ready to give the helper, unless you go with them.

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