Finding Jewelers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Are you looking for that special engagement ring for the one you love? Are you looking for an anniversary present or birthday present that will tell her how special she is to you? It is time to go shopping for Jewelers in Oklahoma City OK. Diamond engagement rings are always popular. Ruby, emerald, sapphire earrings are always appreciated. Tanzanite pendants are always beautiful. You have quite the choice to make.

Looking for diamond engagement rings at Jewelers in Oklahoma City OK takes some research and knowledge before you take home that pretty velvet box. If you are going for a traditional diamond ring, you need to know the four “C’s” – cut, carat, clarity and color. Cut is broken down into two areas. The first is the shape of the stone. Diamonds come in round, oval, pear shaped, emerald cut, princess cut and many other shapes from which to choose. Carat is simply the weight of the stone. The bigger the stone, the more expensive the stone will be. Clarity describes the inclusions – tiny pieces of carbon that didn’t crystallize – in the stone. You want as few inclusions as you can afford, and especially avoid stones with inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. The color is also simple. Diamonds should be white. When put into a light box, there should be no other colors reflected onto the walls. The next thing to decide is the setting. Do you want a simple solitaire – where only the diamond is featured? Or do you want a fancier setting with round and baguette diamonds surrounding the main diamond?

Jewelers in Oklahoma City OK also have lovely colored gemstones from which to choose. When looking for colored gemstone jewelry, you want to go for the clearest color you can find. Your ruby should be bright red. Your emerald should be bright green and have as few inclusions as possible. Your sapphire can come in a variety of colors but you want to look for clear coloring in the stones. Tanzanite should be dark periwinkle blue. Whether you’re choosing earrings, pendants or rings, find the best stones you can afford.

Finding Jewelers in Oklahoma City OK can be as easy as walking through the mall. You can also go to specialty stores like Huntington Fine Jewelers to find just the right piece for your loved one. Giving the gift of jewelry shows how much you care.