Finding Quality Criminal Attorneys in Bellingham WA

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Facing a criminal conviction is one of the most difficult things an individual can go through in their lifetime. Whether it is you or a loved one, the possibility of incarceration or paying a hefty fine for an alleged wrongdoing is a tough prospect to handle. No matter what the facts of the case may be, it is important to secure the counsel of an experienced criminal lawyer to ensure that you have the best representation and outcome possible in the case. If you need professional legal representation, use the following tips to find quality criminal attorneys in Bellingham WA

How many cases has the attorney completed?

One of the most important things to find out when you are looking for a quality criminal attorney to represent you in a case is their history and record of performance. Find out how many cases they have experience with and how many of those cases ended in favor of their client. This is an important factor for ensuring that you choose a lawyer that gets results and with whom you can reasonable expect success.

Does the attorney specialize in criminal law?

Finding a lawyer to represent you in a criminal matter is never as simple as just taking up a phone book and hiring the first attorney you call. Instead, verify that your potential choice specializes in criminal law to ensure that you hire someone that knows and understands all the circumstances surrounding your case, as well as the best legal defense to get you cleared of all charges of alleged wrongdoing.

What kind of reputation does the lawyer in question have?

It is also important to verify the type of reputation your lawyer has among their peers in the legal community and particularly with their past and current clientele. Take the time to research and read reviews from former clients and check public resources to find out if an attorney has any previous issues or red flags associated with their name.

Use these tips to help you find quality criminal attorneys in Bellingham WA and protect your legal rights. If you need help with an upcoming criminal case brought against you or a loved one, contact the Bratlien Law Firm today for a no obligation consultation with one of our attorneys.