Finding the Best Elder Care in CT

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An aging parent’s care is of utmost importance especially when they are dealing with memory issues, Alzheimer disease, or dementia. Finding the perfect location for them can become a challenge. You will want not only their basic needs met, but their emotional, mental, and physical needs acknowledged and accommodated while helping your elderly adult retain as much personal freedom and self-reliance as possible. The elderly in our lives deserve the best in assisted living and need a place that is beautiful, comfortable, and compassionate to their issues.

So what should you look for in an elderly care facility that will service all of the encompassing needs of residents with memory, Alzheimer disease, or dementia?

You will want to find an assisted living residence that has many years of experience, offers a Dementia Care Program, and that is staffed with people who are caring, compassionate, and attune to the needs of the elderly.

Look for a facility that is equipped to meet the day-to-day needs of the elderly and that can help them manage their prescriptions, meals, physical care, and provides activities to engage and challenge them.

Safety is paramount especially with the memory challenged elderly. Find a facility that has high security measures in place to keep the elderly residents safe.

If doctor’s care and pharmaceutical needs are a must, select a facility that offers in-house physician’s care and pharmacy delivery and management.

It would be helpful if the site you choose offers transportation to doctor’s appointments and on-site beauty and barber services. Click here for more info

Since assisted living residences offer housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation services, inquire how often these services will be rendered and what types of food will be prepared and served.

Many elderly enjoy watching TV and using internet and phone services so make sure these accommodations are available.

Keep in mind that the costs of assisted living is expensive. Discuss with the financial department all of the options for payments available to choose what will best suit the needs of you and your loved one. Consider choosing elder care in CT at Peregine’s Landing at the Shoreline to provide the caring, compassionate, and personalized service you are looking for.