Fitness Programs for Weight Loss: What Works, and What Doesn’t

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While a proper diet will certainly aid in your weight loss journey, only an integrated program of fitness and nutrition will really get the results you deserve. At The MAX Challenge, we understand the critical value of both physical and mental health, and we combine our comprehensive food and diet plan with a factor lacking in many weight loss programs: motivation.


Whether you’re a chronic dieter or a couch potato, we’ve all heard about the importance of healthy nutrition. While it’s one thing to cut calories, it’s another issue entirely to make your calories count. At The MAX, we focus on heart-healthy meal plans, but will never ask you to completely give up your favorite foods. Will there be a bit of trial and error? Sure. But in the long run, it’s discipline, not deprivation, which will foster your success.


Like a proper diet, a well-rounded exercise routine will have an integral role in your weight loss success. At The MAX, our workouts are brief, intense, and always different! Those who want to make the most of their opportunity will take the routine outside of the gym, and learn to incorporate regular activity into their daily life – not because they have to, but because they want to.


Unlike fitness programs for weight loss that focus solely on fitness and nutrition, the professional trainers at The MAX Challenge understand that your success will be short-lived if you don’t learn to sustain it. Surrounded by peers who know what it’s like to walk in your shoes, and encouraged by staff who have nothing but your best at heart, you won’t just hear that you deserve change: you’ll come to believe it for yourself.

To experience a fitness program for weight loss that really works, contact the professional trainers in East Brunswick today at THE MAX Challenge of East Brunswick, NJ. We’re ready. Are you?