Five Reasons you Might Use Integrated Labels

If you have been hearing a lot of talk about integrated labels but aren’t sure you have a good use for them, here are seven possible reasons you might use them in your business:

1. Sending Messages to Clients: Integrated labels allow you to send personalized messages to clients with their orders. You can use it for any number of messages from letting clients know their standing order requires renewal, to letting them know you can offer them a price break by ordering in larger volume.

2. Repeat Service Reminders: Integrated labels can be used to track customer service requirements and add a message to let them know they are due for a service check. This can work well for a number of services from dental office to remind patients about check ups to garages to remind customers are due for an oil change. It is also great for magazine and newsletter subscription reminders.

3. Marketing Tool: Because you can add personalized messages what better way to get in a marketing message now and then? Mention new products, services and promotions and reach the perfect target audience at no additional charge.

4. Warnings: If you are sending packages that are time sensitive, cannot be bent, are fragile or any other warning that might be required, you can print it directly on the label to avoid damage to goods as well as to make sure people review the information in a timely manner.

5. Piggy Back: Not all businesses will want to use this option, but piggy back integrated labels allow you to provide the label for delivery and a removable piece that is affixed with an adhesive. Some people find this to be a bit cumbersome and depending on the type of package it can sometimes even make it difficult because it can cause jams in the mail equipment. However for some businesses it does come in handy.

Integrated labels are also a cost saving way to ship out invoices with orders. This way you know your invoices are receive in a timely manner and can increase the receipt of timely payments from clients. As you can see there are many cost saving applications for integrate labels suitable for just about any business.

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