Fix Water Damage Wichita: Restoration Tips

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A house fire, rainwater, floodwater, or even heavy snowfall can result in water damage to your home. When this happens, there are certain steps that you need to take in order to get the home to dry out and to assess how much damage was done. Water damage to a home can be extremely devastating. This is because it can cause damage to some of your most precious and irreplaceable possessions.

Safety Should Always Come First

As important as ACT Emergency Clean up is, it is important to make sure that your safety always comes first. You just need to assume that any exposed power lines are live and should not be touched. This is true even if the power is out throughout the neighborhood or your power is off. You should make sure there is not a gas leak. You should either be able to smell it, see it, or hear it. Either way, turning off your gas is a good precaution.

Temporary Repairs

Before you get to Fix Water Damage Wichita it is important to prevent a bad problem from getting worse. You can do that by temporarily repairing your windows and your roof. This will stop any more water from getting into your home and making the problem worse. Temporary repairs are designed to last for no more than six months. It is just meant to be a temporary Fix Water Damage Wichita solution.

When you are cleaning up a water damages home, it is important to make sure that you are properly documenting everything. This should include taking lots of photos and even getting a little video. This will be important things to have when you talk to an insurance investor. The unfortunate truth is that most people do not just have lots of extra money laying around to pay for the restoration. This means you are going to need your insurance company to foot or at least help foot the bill. The insurance adjustor is going to need to see proof of the damage and nothing is better proof than videos and photographs of the scene.