Flexible Doors Save Time and Money

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A flexible door is very valuable in industrial facilities. It can provide safety, security, convenience and climate control in a variety of applications with less risk of damage than there would be for a more rigid door. In particular, these doors are popular in loading docks, warehouses, garages, production lines, and food preparation areas.

Types of Flexible Doors
These doors come in many shapes, styles and sizes, from those that look like traditional doors to simple hanging strips of plastic. The doors themselves can be made from rubber, PVC, nylon or even aluminum (in hinged sections for flexibility). One popular style for garages and loading docks is the “roll-up” door that comes down from a roller above the opening, often using a mechanism not entirely unlike a traditional garage door opener.

Other doors fold up from side to side and still others just hang down and get pushed aside when you pass through. One popular type of hanging door is simply made of strips of PVC that hang down, making it easier to pass through than even a solid flexible door. The hanging strips, as with most flexible door materials, can be clear or colored, depending on the application.

Why Use a Flexible Door
One of the greatest things about flexible doors is that they are hard to damage. In an area like a loading dock where big trucks are always backing in, a rigid door would get damaged fairly often. Similarly, a door separating two areas in a warehouse where big carts and forklifts loaded with merchandise are constantly rolling through will tend to take a lot of abuse. A flexible door in that application will last a lot longer.

A flexible door is also faster to open than a rigid door. The roll-up doors are often on speed rollers so that they can pop up and down quickly, and hanging doors are very quick and easy to just push aside. Because the material for these doors is so light, they tend to require minimal mechanical assistance (if any at all) to open, so they take up less space and are cheaper to install. Less mechanical equipment involved also means that there is less to maintain and the door will likely last longer.

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