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by | Sep 26, 2012 | Computer & Internet

Mobile applications development for phones, personal digital units and other handheld devices is growing almost hourly. From radio stations to news broadcasting to stock market apps, you name it and the developer is busy at his desk making it. Some of the apps are preloaded and others can be loaded by the consumer when he or she purchases the hand-held device.

There is really no limit to the apps the consumer is asking for and those the mobile applications development team can think of. From an app for food ordering to the aviation industry to a financial system to calculate business and personal finances, the apps just keep coming.

There are two elements to the apps development that are requirements on the hand-held device before there is a working match.

Environment of Execution

The Android is one of the environments of execution that handles the particular app from the mobile applications development team. Other environments include the Blackberry, Windows Mobile, webOS and more. These all have the application binary that is also found on a desktop computer or a laptop computer.

Environment of the Platform Development

The second element to consider is the platform upon which the mobile applications development has to work. This provides tools for the developer to do each step that he has to do to develop a suitable app.

The Testing Process

Before the mobile applications development is complete, all the apps have to be tested in the platform environment in which they will be operating, whether it is the Android, the Blackberry or the smartphone. Part of the testing process is also debugging it and devising a method of deployment to mobile devices when those devices request the app.

Distributing the Apps

There are various ways to distribute the apps. They can be sold in specialty stores like Apple’s App Store. There are some handheld devices that allow for the download of the app directly. Other cell phone or smartphone companies have launched app stores to allow another medium for distribution.

New Wave of Smart Devices

The market is booming in demand for apps to run on Android, iOS and other smartphone types. Without a doubt the job that will be most available may be for mobile applications development. With so many companies requesting mobile applications for their businesses, it is no wonder the demand is so high.

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