For a Custom Bindery, Chicago is the Place to Go

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Business

Books, manuals, texts, workbooks, calendars—any type of written project that needs to be fastened together and enclosed in a cover is fair game for the excellent binderies of Chicago. Years of experience make them very trustworthy places of business. A tradition of total customer care added to the best overall value for time and money go into their existence. Each bindery has its own specialties and in-house qualities that make outsiders seek their expertise when publishing a work.

What Kinds of Services Do Binderies Offer?
Diversified various services offered by binderies include such specialties as spiral wire and plastic binding, collating/gathering, trimming, punching, tinning, drilling, folding, shrink wrapping, among others. The longer a company has operated as a bindery, Chicago area business, the more it will be able to suggest ways of putting your work together to make it cohesive, easy to understand, pleasing to look at, and of course affordable to complete and get out to the world for review.

Plastic Comb Binding
Plastic comb binding allows the addition or removal of pages after a document is assembled. The combs (binding support) come in a wide array of colors and can be imprinted in color or foil stamped along the edge.

Wire-O or Double Loop (Twin Loop) Binding
This type of binding sheets together is made by formed wire entering round, square, or rectangular holes. It is sturdy, portable, light-weight, and when the book is folded over, it will lay flat for easy reference.

Plastic Spiral Binding
This is colorful plastic binding that is flexible. It does not crush, and so this makes it a good choice for being mailed and looking great on delivery. It is often used for children’s books, calendars, educational manuals and workbooks, et cetera. It is economical, yet very eye-catching to look at. The books lie flat and yet can be folded back for easy viewing.

Tinning Delivers Long-Lasting and Durable Binding
Binding by crimping a metal strip along edges of sheets, tinning uses that metal strip clamped to the top of the page to hold the sheets together. This is a great process for calendars, large charts, and posters. It keeps the edges flat against the wall and the total thickness approaches only 1/16 inch.

When you are looking for custom bindery, Chicago has the market on good businesses that will help you put your projects together. For more information, go to

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