For protection you will need an insurance broker on your side

by | Oct 4, 2013 | Insurance

An insurance broker is often called an insurance agent; some people even view these people as financial advisors. Whatever term you feel most comfortable with is fine as they all point to an individual who sell insurance to those who request it. The insurance industry is one of the largest employers in the US; however only about a quarter of these people are brokers.

Insurance brokers will often focus their attention on a certain sector of the industry, Life, Health, Business, etc. A commercial insurance broker in Denver focuses on connecting businesses with insurance companies that can provide this unique form of insurance. The broker is compensated for his or her work when the insurance company pays commission.

A commercial Insurance Broker In Denver assesses the companies insurance needs and then finds the various options that are available before making presentation to the company. Businesses are unlike the majority of individuals, businesses have specific risks that must be accommodated and it is the broker’s responsibility to find a policy that suits.

Although an insurance broker is often called an agent, there are differences. An individual who is contracted with an insurance company to sell their products is an agent; therefore the agent represents the company. An insurance broker on the other hand is not contracted with any specific insurance company, the broker represents his client. The broker determines the insurance needs of the client and then takes the business to the insurance company that can best fill the needs of the broker’s client.

As an insurance broker must have detailed information on the clients business, he or she must take care. As much of the information the broker has can be considered privileged, this information may harm the clients chances of getting the best insurance possible. The broker must provide the insurance company with all the detail that is necessary to underwrite a policy while doing the best possible job to ensure that his client gets the best coverage at the lowest possible premium.

The commercial insurance broker in Denver plays a dual role; the broker has to be intimate with the client and his company’s insurance needs and the broker must be fully aware of the products that are available from the insurance companies he works with.

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