Four Traits to Carefully Consider Before You Call A DUI Attorney Towson

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Being charged with DUI (driving under the influence) is a serious offense that can result in jail time and the loss of basic human privileges. Even without jail time, a DUI conviction can still negatively impact your record and make it hard to get certain jobs or affordable car insurance. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you need a good attorney, but not every lawyer will be qualified to help with you case. Read on for four traits that your DUI Attorney Towson needs to have.

Experience with Plea Deals and Trials

Defendants in DUI cases often enter into plea deals in exchange for a lesser penalty or charge. However, there may be times where taking your DUI case to trial will be either unavoidable or will produce the best outcome for your case. Make sure that the DUI lawyer you choose has extensive experience with guiding clients through both the plea deal and the trial process.

Local Experience

Different states have different laws and policies when it comes to dealing with DUI cases. The DUI attorney you work with should be located in the area in which you’ve been charged and have extensive experience with DUI cases in the area so that you can be sure they understand the local laws and can put together a strategy to help you.

Honesty about the Outcome

Your DUI Attorney Towson should be confident about their ability to get the best possible result for your case, but you need to run the other way if they promise you a specific favorable outcome. The truth is that now lawyer can predict exactly what is going to happen in court.

Wants To Win

Some lawyers encourage defendants to settle for plea deals or reduced penalties or charges so they can get the process over with quickly. However, you need to do business with an attorney that will fight to clear your name. If it’s at all possible, your lawyer should be willing to help you get a DUI or criminal conviction off of your record.

Having a good attorney is essential for a satisfactory outcome in your DUI case. If you need a DUI Attorney Towson, call Attorney David E. Fink. You’ll be able to work with a lawyer who believes that you’re innocent until proven guilty, and you can be sure that he will work to preserve both your dignity and your peace of mind.