Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign In Anne Arundel

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If you want to straighten your crooked teeth, your dentist may recommend Invisalign. These aligners are more convenient than traditional metal braces and they’re practically invisible. By reading below, you’ll have the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Invisalign in Anne Arundel.

Q.) What is Invisalign and how can it help me?
A.) Invisalign is a series of aligners that are custom made to fit your teeth throughout the straightening process. These aligners are made out of a special plastic material that’s comfortable to wear and almost invisible. You wear the aligners for several hours during each day and you’ll have a new aligner about every two weeks. Each new aligner is designed to fit your teeth as they begin to straighten. When you have worn all of the aligners for the specified amount of time, your teeth will be straight.

Q.) How do I take care of my Invisalign aligners?
A.) These aligners are simple and quick to clean. After taking them out of your mouth, you can easily clean them by brushing and then rinsing them off with water. After you finish cleaning your aligners, you can put them right back on your teeth.

Q.) Are there certain foods I can’t eat when I’m wearing my aligners?
A.) You can eat anything you want to when you have Invisalign, because you take them out before you eat. Unlike when wearing metal braces and having food restrictions because of the wires, these aligners are designed to be taken out while eating and brushing your teeth. When you’re finished eating, you can easily place them back into your mouth.

Q.) How many hours a day and for how long will I have to wear the aligners?
A.) Your dentist will discuss your specific treatment plan with you, but normally each patient wears the aligners for around 20 to 22 hours every day. They’re comfortable to wear, so you shouldn’t have any trouble sleeping with them in your mouth. It usually takes about one year of wearing Invisalign in Anne Arundel for your teeth to become straightened.

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