Frozen Pipes Call for an Emergency Plumber in Chicago

When winter winds strike, the pipes underneath a home are susceptible to freezing. As such, this is one of the most common plumbing emergencies during the cold season. Those who live in the windy city of Chicago are no strangers to low, freezing temperatures that often result from living along the lake. As such, caution should be exercised and pipes need to be insulated from the air that could cause them to quickly freeze. Because water expands when it freezes, it causes tremendous stress on pipes. Eventually, they will burst, creating a huge headache for you. Depending on where these pipes are located, you home could flood and serious damage could be dealt to its foundation.

If you fear that your pipes may freeze during a particularly cold night, it helps to let faucets run a little water to keep it moving. Flowing water is more difficult to freeze. If the pipes do freeze, it’s best to not try to thaw them on your own. An open flame or intense heat source can be a fire hazard. In addition, fast water expansion can happen with quick melting, and this may cause the pipe to burst.

It is better to call an emergency plumber in Chicago to thaw your frozen pipes for you. A plumber has special equipment to perform this task safely and efficiently. If the weather is expected to be cold for an extended period of time, this is the option that you should choose to get the flowing once again. Too many have lost their homes to accidents from haphazard attempts to thaw frozen pipes. The plumber can also insulate your pipes so that the freezing situation doesn’t occur again. You may want to ask about the benefits of using a heat tape near the main supply line to your home.

If you’ve discovered a burst pipe, don’t panic. The first course of action is to turn off the water, if possible. Every resident of your home should know where to turn off the water supply. Call a licensed and insured plumber in Chicago to come and make the repair. Most are available at all hours and any day.

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