Fundamentals of All American Waste Disposal

Garbage disposal is an issue we all give much consideration. Whether we decide to put our garbage in compost pits or into dumpsters, it all boils down to getting rid of it. Waste Removal in Colorado Springs, CO is the responsibility of All American Disposal, a company that specializes in both residential and commercial waste management. It provides residents of Colorado Springs, CO with an affordable waste management option that includes provision of rental dumpsters as well as garbage trucks that empty them. The company also offers recycling services at competitive prices, enabling individuals to make extra cash while keeping their surroundings clean.It is, however, important to note that All American Disposal does not dispose of all items due to EPA guidelines that prohibit the disposal of materials perceived to be bio-hazardous such as batteries, medical waste, paint, propane tanks, liquids, solvents, Freon as well as chemicals and equipment containing oil or gas. Nevertheless, the company can direct you to the proper agencies that deal with disposal of the prohibited items.

How Waste Removal Costs in Colorado are Determined

The price one pays for waste removal depends on factors such as weight, location and how often their garbage is picked up; heaviness, remote locations and frequently picked up garbage results in a higher waste removal fee. The best thing with the waste removal costs in Colorado is that the price quoted also includes delivery of dumpsters, waste pick up and disposal with no hidden fuel prices and delivery fees. In addition, the process of renting a dumpster is quite simple and does not include filling out and signing of contracts.

Dumpster Dimensions

With dumpsters being key to helping individuals get rid of their trash, it is extremely important for one to be aware of the various dimensions available, so they can place an order to rent a size that will suit their needs rather than blindly request a size that may be too big or too small. Available dumpster dimensions include 10 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard and 30 yard dumpsters, all of which have varying dimensions and capacities besides being suited for various purposes.

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