Get Creative With A Mobile Event App For Unique Gatherings

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When most people think of uses for a mobile event app they think of huge events like conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and fairs and even large corporate meetings or events. However, you don’t have to be big or even a business to use a mobile event app.

Virtually any time and anywhere that people gather and need to have information and an ability to interact with each other is a great option for a mobile event app. This could include a wide variety of different possibilities, but here are two you may not have stopped to think about.


Most people have had the experience of driving to an unfamiliar town or city to attend a wedding. Typically we get to the designated hotel but then have no idea what is close to grab a good meal or meet up with other friends. We may also not be sure of how to get to the church, the reception area or who else we can expect to see at this major event.

If you had a mobile event app prepared you could, in advance, have all your guests download the app. It could be filled with information on things to do and see in the city, great places to eat, exciting nightlife entertainment and even ideas for cultural or family events when visiting.

Don’t forget you can upload maps of the location of the church and the reception as well as provide contact information if people want to share a vehicle to get back and forth. Add a Twitter feed and some great photos and you have a terrific way to share information on your special day.


Just imagine all the possibilities for using a mobile event management app at your next sports tournament. You could provide players and fans, not to mention parents for the little players, with all the information they needed to keep track of brackets, scoring, times and locations of games and all types of relevant information.

The more you think about how to use a mobile event app the more uses you will find. This really is a great use of technology in a wide range of different types of business, social and sporting events.