Get Some Extra Cash With Scrap Metal Recycling In St. Charles, MN

by | May 27, 2014 | Waste Management

Many homeowners in the St. Charles area have had to deal with the problem of having old junk laying around their property or home from time to time. It’s common for many homeowners to end up with a little extra junk now and then, especially if you replace your appliances often or do any kind of auto repair at home or car restoration work. The biggest problem when it comes to scrap metal laying around your property or home, is what to actually do with it. What many homeowners often do not realize is, most of the metals found in old appliances, car parts, or other items they consider junk can actually be worth some money when recycled properly as scrap metal. That junk laying around their backyard could actually get them some extra spending money for groceries or gas.

While Scrap metal recycling in St Charles MN doesn’t always pay out in large amounts, you can still earn a good enough amount of money to make it worthwhile. Some metals, of course, will yield a higher recycling price than others. Copper, for instance, is more valuable than aluminum, meaning that you’ll get more for those old copper pipes you took out of your home than you would for a truck load of aluminum soda cans. One is more valuable than the other, and the value is always constantly changing throughout the year. Some metals can be worth eleven or twelve dollars a pound in April, and then only be worth seven or eight dollars a pound in August.

Weight also plays a large role in the value you will get from your scrap metal. When it comes to Scrap metal recycling in St Charles MN, the larger the load the more profit you will get. This is because each load will be weighed, to determine the amount of metal you have in your load. Taking in just a couple of copper pipes may get you a few bucks, but taking in a trailer full of copper and steel together can yield a lot more profit obviously. This is why it pays to do scrap metal recycling in large amounts, and not waste your time on taking small loads in. It also helps if you take in mixed loads, especially if you only have small amounts of specific types of metal, to yield a better profit.

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