Get The Finest Seamless Floors At A Great Price

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When considering renovating your business or your home try something different and invest in Seamless flooring. Seamless flooring has been around for several years however, it has been growing in popularity amongst homeowners. Originally sold to manufacturing companies to outfit their warehouse and parking lots they have now been made available to homeowners. Unlike traditional flooring such as tile and vinyl, Seamless flooring does not have any grout which makes it beautiful. Also, it does not hold allergens like carpet. It is easier to clean and maintain compared to regular flooring. The cost savings is tremendous. Regular tile and vinyl flooring will need to be replaced within seven to ten years however, Seamless flooring will outlast any traditional flooring once maintained properly.  There are many companies and contractors that provide Seamless flooring however, there is one in particular that offers great competitive pricing. That company is Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation. Hoffman offers free estimates during consultations and provides lifetime warranties on several of their flooring systems.

The application of Seamless flooring is a process that is administered in layers. Each layer has to set before the next layer is poured. Different types of compounds are available for each flooring system to include urethane, epoxies and acrylics. Acrylic is the most popular because it requires the least amount of drying time compared to polyurethane and epoxy which takes longest to dry, Even though the process takes time the results will be a beautiful surface that will last for years.

Seamless flooring is used by schools, hospitals and a variety of businesses. When it comes to residential flooring, Seamless floors are available in a myriad of colors that makes it quite decorative. It can be poured in your kitchen, your garage and be customized to suite any room in your home. It will definitely be a conversation starter for your friends and family who are not familiar with this type of flooring system.

Great discounts are offered by several contractors who usually guarantee the work being performed. Warranties are also available for each flooring system. Check out a local contractor today and get ready to enjoy great floors at even greater prices.