Get to Know the Portable Water Purifier That May Save the World

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One of the most basic requirements we all share is the need for clean, drinkable water. In some instances that can be quite a challenge; backpacking, camping, international travel, and emergency situations can all make it difficult if not impossible to find safe sources of water for drinking or cooking. Fortunately, the technology now exists to create a practical system that can be used to quickly and easily purify water for drinking with no pumping, no electricity and no chemicals required. Incredibly, these units are now portable enough to roll up and stick in a backpack, to be retrieved when the need arises.

This portable water purifier system is available in a variety of sizes, depending on your needs, and there are even similar non-portable systems that can be hooked directly into your home’s plumbing system in order to provide you and your family with clean, uncontaminated water in large quantities with just occasional backwashing of the system required.

These purification systems have some serious filtration capabilities, removing bacteria and viruses with filters that remove organisms down to 0.02 microns in size, exceeding EPA recommendations. The key is a proprietary filter design, based on the kind of filtering technology used in kidney dialysis machines, but much more powerful. Because these filters are so efficient, they also allow for an incredible flow rate, which means there is no need to store water, and that is often where water can become re-contaminated. Because of the size of the pores, even deadly typhoid and cholera-causing bacteria cannot pass through. Because of the technology employed in their manufacture, these filters are reliable, small, easy to operate, and since the filtering membranes are sturdy enough to allow backwashing to clean them, these filters can last a lifetime.

As you might guess, a portable water purifier like this is sought after the world over and is currently in use in over 70 countries, after being tested and verified by the United Nations. Developing economically feasible methods of providing clean drinkable water and removing the possibility of water-borne diseases has been one of the goals of Sawyer Products and this company believes that nothing less than 100% is good enough for their customers.