Get Transponder Keys for Many Security Reasons

A transponder key is basically a key that emits a radio signal from the key to a remote receiver. The most popular and widespread use for a transponder key is for a vehicle. Transponder keys can be used to lock or unlock a vehicle, open the trunk, sound the alarm, or even to start the vehicle.

How Transponder Keys Work
The basics of transponder keys are simple. There is a microchip that is imbedded in the plastic part of the remote key. This microchip is programmed with a specific serial number that only the paired receiver responds to. When the button on the transponder key is pressed a shortwave radio signal is emitted to the receiver, in this case a vehicle, and the key receives then executes the command, such as locking or unlocking the vehicle.

One of the clear advantages of having a transponder key for a vehicle is that it makes the vehicle practically theft resistant. A transponder key will not make a vehicle completely theft proof, but it certainly does an excellent job at preventing theft. The reason is that the vehicle can be programmed to only respond to its transponder key. If the transponder key is not present, then the vehicle will not start. Of course, some thieves have figured out ways to get around this. For the most part, transponder keys will prevent thefts from the average criminal.

Other Applications of Transponder Keys

They can also be used for wireless home security systems, garage door or gate entry systems, or any other keyless entry system. When the transponder key is within range of any of these systems it can trigger any programmed event such as unlocking the door or gate. They can also be programmed to automatically lock the system when the transponder key moves out of range.

One drawback to transponder keys is that it can be expensive to program. The reason is that they must be sent to the vehicle or security system manufacturers in order to be programmed. Now it is possible for some people to program their own transponder keys. The ways of doing this can vary depending on the manufacturer. This can certainly save a lot of money, especially for those people who have a habit of losing their transponder key frequently.

Overall, the use of transponder keys is gaining more and more popularity. The technology is relatively new, having only been around since 1995, but it is progressing at such a rate that it makes theft increasingly more and more difficult. The technology has advanced so much now that even some insurance companies are beginning to offer a discount for those whom us transponder keys for their vehicles or other security systems.

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