Getting A Great Smile With Orthodontics In Allen

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Every one wants a great smile including straight teeth. However, there are many dental problems that cause teeth to be less than straight. Often, there are too many teeth in a space and the mouth looks crowded. On the other hand, people have too few teeth and there are spaces between teeth. Open bites and under bites are also problematic. Open bites occur when the front teeth don’t touch, while an under bite happens when the lower front teeth are inside of the upper teeth. All of these problems can be fixed with a visit to the orthodontist.

Many people turn to Orthodontics in Allen for braces and straighter teeth. Navarro Orthodontics uses additional resources like the articulator to help in the process. The articulator is a device that shows what a patient needs to correct their bite. Orthodontists explain that straight teeth are easier to clean, and one is able to bite and chew food easier. The correct bite prevents damage to supporting bones and tissue. The straightening process begins by applying metal brackets to the teeth. They are attached with bonding material, and arch wires are placed over the brackets. The arch wire’s function is to put pressure on teeth and give them direction to align and straighten.

O-rings or elastics build tension to direct the teeth and jaw into the correct position. The straightening process takes time, because moving too fast could damage the teeth. Braces need to be worn for one to three years. Additionally, some patients may need extra help like headgear. The headgear, worn at night, lets certain teeth stay in place, while other teeth move. After the braces are removed, the patient has to wear a retainer. The retainer keeps the teeth straight while the surrounding bone gets stronger. Clear braces are popular but they cost more than traditional metal braces. However, many insurance companies pay some portion for invisible braces. One advantage of metal braces is that they straighten teeth quicker. Everyone can have a smile that gives them confidence, with Orthodontics in Allen. Stop putting it off and make an appointment with the orthodontist.