Getting A New Roof With Roofers San Antonio

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The first thing many people notice about a house is the roof. The homeowner may have a beautiful yard, but an aging roof stands out. Roofs need to be inspected periodically for signs of wear and tear. Furthermore, there are definite signs that it is time to have some roof work. For example, if some of the shingles look green, it is probably algae. Algae is common on roofs in areas with high humidity. Algae usually comes off with a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. If that does not work, replace the shingles with algae resistant shingles.

If moisture builds up inside a shingle, the surface bubbles outward. This is called blistering and it’s caused by leaf or roof debris, or an aging roof. Blistering shingles may cause the roof to leak. In addition, missing shingles are an obvious problem. Shingles get pulled off the roof by high winds or falling tree branches. They can also be broken by winter’s freezing and thawing. People with missing shingles need Roofers San Antonio. Curling shingles are a common problem caused by improper installation, poor quality materials or natural wear. Curling shingles should not be walked on, and they should be replaced quickly.

Flashing is a layer of metal sheeting installed at angles or joints in the roof. The most visible place to find flashing is around the chimney or sewer vent pipe. Flashing is also susceptible to damage from mother nature. Consult Roofers San Antonio if there is damaged flashing. Flashing needs to be water tight to prevent leaks. Replacing a roof is one of the most expensive projects in owing a home. The old roof has to be taken off, and there may be more than one layer of shingles. Other factors in the price include the cost of new shingles, hauling the old ones away and the cost of labor. Get several estimates before deciding on a contractor, and remember the cheapest is not always the best. A new roof pays off in the long run because it adds to the value of the home. Visit online for more details.