Getting Repairs or Replacement for a Flat Roof in Neenah, Wisconsin

Residential customers and commercial customers who have flat roofs usually get them because they have a reputation of lasting a very long time, if not a lifetime. However, even such roofs must be properly maintained and regularly inspected at least once a year, which may include repairs or replacements. A roofing contractor that will repair or replace a flat roof in Neenah, Wisconsin wants customers to know when a flat roof will need repairs or to be replaced entirely. Here is a look at some of the things to look for concerning flat roofs.

Things to Look for with Flat Roofs

When it comes to the routine maintenance that must be done on a flat roof, it becomes a matter of keeping the gravel spread out evenly on the roof, which is used to cover the rubber coating of the roof. Beyond that maintenance, it can be expected that there will have to be a resealing around the chimney, ventilation chambers, and exhaust vents, especially after a particularly bad storm. There are times also when a part of the rubber membrane of the roof will suffer a tear and will need to be repaired immediately.

More Issues to Look at with Flat Roofs

Over a long period, the flat roof may have to be replaced entirely, although the best way to tell for sure is to get the professional opinion of a roofing contractor. The roofing contractor can assess the situation and let the customer what material is best for replacing the roof, such as the normal rubber membrane, or some other type of material. Whatever is chosen will have to be maintained and inspected once a year, or preferably twice a year.

Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Wisconsin

Many roofing contractors are available throughout the State of Wisconsin for residential and commercial customers in need of services. Motto and Sons Roofing & Construction is a roofing contractor in the Neenah, Wisconsin area that provides repairs and replacements for residential and commercial customers. If a homeowner or business owner needs repairs or replacement of a Flat Roof in Neenah, Wisconsin, the contractor is available. The roofers invite interested parties to “contact us.”