Getting the Best of the Best: Understanding the Hotel Ranking System

If you and your loved ones are thinking of booking Miami Beach luxury condos for your next vacation, you want to make sure you get the best value for your money. Many of the best condos are actually located in hotels, providing all the amenities and service of a hotel, with the space and privacy of a vacation home. Plus, many of the hotel accommodations listed as condos provide weekly rates, making the condominium less expensive than paying for one hotel room over multiple nights.

So you’ve decided to go with Miami Beach luxury condos in hotels. Now what? How do you know which hotel condo is right for you? After checking out price, location, and amenities, of course, a great way to determine the quality of the hotel is by the star rating system. American hotels are ranked on a five star system, with one being the lowest rating and five being the highest. Of course, few, if any, one-star hotels will offer condominium rentals, but it is helpful to get an ideal of the whole hotel ranking system. Though the star system is not a regulated system of measurement, there are general guidelines that can help you understand the rating lingo.

One-star hotels are not necessarily trashy, though some could be. Many are just privately owned, basic hotels with nothing fancy. They are most likely clean and safe or else – let’s face it – they wouldn’t be in business. But you’re not going to get anything extra there either – a bed, clean sheets and towels, and a Bible in the nightstand. That’s pretty much it. Two-star hotels are usually basic chains like Motel 6 or La Quinta Inn. Again, basic services, but two star hotels usually have a TV, phone, housekeeping services, free coffee, and sometimes continental breakfast, internet service, and a restaurant in the hotel. Three-star hotels are usually owned by more up-scale chains like Marriott. These hotels are usually more up-to-date and offer flat-screen TV’s, fitness centers, pools, a restaurant, and, many times, room service.

Now, if you’re looking for Miami Beach luxury condos, you’re going to find those in four and five-star hotels. Four-star hotels offer large rooms with modern furniture and décor and lush linens. They should have a concierge, valet service, multiple dining options including a restaurant and lounge, room service, at least one pool, and a top-quality workout facility. They may also offer the option of upgrading to a suite or condo. Five-star hotels are the finest hotels, and these are where you will find the finest luxury condos. Five-star hotels are devoted to providing the utmost in personal service, sometimes providing a personal butler or concierge to each guest. These hotels usually have multiple restaurants with large menus, 24 hour room service, ornate pools, Jacuzzis, spa service, golf courses, and, in Florida, private beach access.

Miami Beach luxury condos in four and five star hotels range from suites to six-bedroom penthouses, so the one you choose will, of course, have different features. But whatever you choose, a luxury condo is sure to provide comfort, indulgence, and style, and it will make your Miami vacation one you will never forget.

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