Getting the Right Commercial Auto Insurance in NJ

If you own a business in the state of New Jersey and that business uses vehicles, whether it is simply one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, just like any other type car, those vehicles are going to need to be covered by an insurance policy. However, a standard automotive insurance policy isn’t going to be the type of coverage these vehicles will need. From a requirement standpoint, the state of New Jersey stipulates that all commercial vehicles will need Commercial auto insurance in NJ.

While not all states require this type of insurance, as New Jersey makes it a requirement by law, you as a business owner are going to be charged with the duties of finding automotive insurance for your commercial vehicles whether they are cars, trucks or construction equipment. For that reason, you want to check with providers of commercial automotive insurance. You can typically find this through some of the major insurance carriers but you may also want to look for companies that specifically offer commercial auto insurance. With a short list of anywhere from 5 to 6 different companies, you can begin to search around for the best coverage for commercial vehicles.

Another thing to consider is that each state has different requirements for the amount of commercial insurance that you need. However, regardless of what the minimum requirements are, most experts in commercial insurance will suggest that you purchase additional liability insurance. For example, liability insurance that covers up to $500,000 per accident is the amount of coverage you should make sure that you have. If your state doesn’t require that amount of coverage or your current insurance policy simply doesn’t offer that type of liability coverage, you should look at purchasing additional coverage to ensure that you have at least that much in liability insurance should an accident with one of your commercial vehicles take place.

You don’t want something like a commercial vehicle not having the proper insurance coming back to bite you. The financial repercussions from a potential accident with an underinsured commercial vehicle can be staggering. In some cases, it can cost you your business. It’s important to protect your vehicles, protect others and most importantly protect your business by making sure you have the right commercial auto insurance in NJ.