Getting Through Pregnancy with a Gainesville OBGYN

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The excitement of being pregnant can quickly be overshadowed by morning sickness and other pregnancy problems. It is critical to obtain medical care from a Gainesville OBGYN to assist in all of the care before , and after the baby arrives. The health of the baby and the mother are the main concerns for a medical provider in this area.

Check-ups for the Pregnant Mother

It is important to visit the doctor on a routine basis when you are pregnant. Early on during the pregnancy you may only be required to visit the office once a month. This will allow the doctor to monitor the progress of the pregnant mother and the fetus.

Once the baby begins to grow, it is important to make more frequent doctor’s visits and nearing the end of the pregnancy, weekly visits may be required.

Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

The obstetrics care in Gainesville OBGYN will provide the patient with a number of ways to keep herself and the baby in good health during pregnancy.

Listed below are tips for the pregnant mother:

1. Eat healthy foods such as low fat meats and vegetables. The food the pregnant mother is eating will be consumed by the fetus as well and this is a crucial time for eating right.

2. Take a multi-vitamin each day. The pregnant woman should be certain she is getting as much nutrition as possible and this can be assisted with the use of vitamins. Some doctors will prescribe high potent vitamins to their patents.

3. Stay active through low impact exercise. It is important for the pregnant woman to maintain activity levels and this can be done by walking regularly.

4. Avoid smoking and alcohol while being pregnant. It is crucial to the health of the baby to sustain from both.

Finally, it is important to rely on the assistance of the OBYGN as needed. If problems arise it is important to be able to call your doctor and discuss these. By establishing a strong relationship with your doctor, this can assist you during pregnancy in knowing what to expect at all times.