Guidelines For Mold Remediation in Oceanside CA

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Water Damage Repair

Mold can virtually grow on any organic substance as long as there is enough oxygen and moisture. This qualifies it to be found almost anywhere. Some mold can grow on paper, wood, insulation, food or carpet. Mold will normally grow when a lot of moisture accumulates in building materials or buildings and the problem remains undiscovered and not addressed.

Dangers associated with indoor mold exposure

Exposure to mold can cause a number of health effects including allergic reactions. It can cause coughing and wheezing in healthy people. For people with upper respiratory tract problems and asthma, it can cause severe issues. If your home gets infected of mold, calling in experts in Mold Remediation service in Oceanside CA to deal with the problem would be the best idea. They will follow the right measures when dealing mold to ensure that the health of the building occupants and theirs is protected.

What happens when the mold remediation takes place?

When you call in a remediation company, they will start by spraying the mold with a biocide to kill it. Biocide is approved by EPA for killing mold. This chemical targets the spores of mold, and it is very effective. The following day, these professionals will come in and spray the mold area with encapsulant. This is a type of whitewash or paint that encapsulates the remaining mold spores. Professionals spray beyond the area affected by mold to ensure that no more mold grows. Doing this is important, and you should ensure that the company you hire has done the same.

Prevention of mold growth

It is almost impossible to control all mold spores and mold in the indoor environment, but you can control the growth of mold by ensuring that your house is not always moist and most importantly preventing moisture problems in buildings. Mold growth can be prevented by:

* Performing regular inspections and maintenance on the building and HVAC

* Cleaning and drying damp and wet areas of your house within 48 hours

* Maintaining low indoor humidity, ideally 30-50%

* Fixing leaky plumbing in the building

* Ensuring that foundations don’t stay wet

Those are some of the ways of preventing mold growth. All remediation activities should be scheduled during off-hours when the occupants of the building are not likely to be affected in any way.

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