Hail Damage In Colorado Springs Should Be Repaired Quickly

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Did you know that hail can cause significant damage to your roof? In fact, the larger the hail, the more severe the Hail Damage Colorado Springs storms can cause. Even if you don’t see visible damage to your roof, you could still have damage below the surface. That’s why it is so important that you do a physical inspection of your roof after each hail storm. There are specific things that you will have to look for when conducting your inspection.

Physical damage to the shingles will be apparent after a hail storm. You may see areas of the shingles that are torn or completely missing. Shingles that are torn or in other ways damaged, will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Failure to replace damaged shingles can lead to water damage the next time it rains. This is particularly true if the rain comes with high winds. The wind can push the water up under the damaged shingles, which can result in damage to other shingles or to the roof itself.

Your shingles can also develop small dimples from the hail. Those dimples may not seem like much but even a small dimple can cause damage that you are not able to see, especially if the dimple went through to the shingles underneath. If you notice small dimples in your shingles, you should inspect the shingles underneath to see if the damage went through or if there are small tears that are visible. If you see tears, you will need to replace those shingles as well. Visit website for more details on hail damage repair in Colorado Springs.

Severe dimples can cause the most damage. In fact, those large dimples in your shingles could mean that the wood substructure of your roof has been damaged. if you see significant dimpling where the hail has made contact with your roof, you will need to remove the shingles and inspect the wood beneath. If you experience a hail storm, you should get up on your roof as soon as possible and assess any damage you have sustained.