Handle Sharps Safely With Mail Back Sharps Disposal

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It is important to dispose of your sharps properly. Whether you are an individual who self-injects medication, a tattoo parlor owner or a small medical office, you understand the importance of safe sharps disposal. You cannot just toss your sharps in the nearest trash can and some sharps disposal companies are quite expensive, especially if you have a very small business or self-inject at home.

Another option is to use a Mail Back Sharps Disposal company. This option gives you more control over when and where you dispose of your needles, lancets, syringes and auto injectors. When you use a mail-back service for your sharps, you get a secure container to keep your used needles in until you are ready to send them to the company. The container reduces the likelihood that children and pets will be hurt by any sharps in your home.

The government has strict regulations on proper disposal of sharps. The company you choose should understand and comply with those restrictions. By providing a secure container, a strong plastic bag and a protective box, SharpsAssure gives you everything you need to be confident that your used sharps will travel safely through the mail.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, approximately 3 billion sharps are used by people in their homes every year. Improper disposal of needles and other sharps through the public waste management system or by flushing them down the toilet can result in people or animals being cut by the needle or infected with hepatitis or HIV.

Some states have regulations regarding the safe disposal of needles and lancets. Even if your state does not have a law requiring you to dispose of your sharps in a particular manner, every needle user should responsibly handle their injection devices so no one is injured with a loose needle or used syringe.

Mail Back Sharps Disposal is a convenient service for anyone who self-injects or uses sharps in their small business. Just collect the used sharps in the provided container and mail it to the disposal company in the safe, secure packaging when it is full.

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