Have a Pink and Red Theme for Your Wedding with Pink Chocolate Hearts

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If you are getting married and are on a strict budget for the celebration, there are plenty of ways to have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. Pink and red wedding themes are popular because they are the two colors that symbolize romance and love. When you incorporate these colors, delicious pink chocolate hearts are the perfect way to decorate your table and use as favors for your guests.

Boxes of Favors

If you want to enhance the décor at your wedding, you can purchase small gift boxes in pink and red to adorn your tables. In order to make them more elegant, add a customized tag to the box that displays your names and the wedding date and place the foil wrapped pink chocolate hearts inside for a beautiful, yet economical wedding favor. You can customize the colors of the boxes and the saying on the foil hearts, making it the perfect way to enhance your wedding.


Centerpieces for weddings can get quite expensive, especially when you have many tables to fill. In order to keep the costs down, yet the look elegant, you can purchase beautiful glass vases or candle holders at your local craft store and fill them with beautiful pink chocolate hearts. You can choose to customize the wrapper to have a saying, the date or any other sentiment on them and place them in the centerpiece. This allows you to have beautiful color on your table without having to invest in expensive flowers that only get wasted after the wedding. Your guests can take some of the hearts home with them to enjoy as a favor from your wedding.

Table Decor

Table scatters are always a beautiful way to enhance the look at your wedding. If you want to scatter your tables with something useful, yet stunning, choose red and pink chocolate hearts, alternating the colors, giving a romantic hue to each table. Guests can choose to eat the chocolates at your wedding or take a few with them as a favor from your wedding.

Planning the perfect wedding comes with plenty of decisions and stress. Rather than worrying about every little detail and how it will turn out, you can choose pink chocolate hearts for a variety of your decor items, including centerpieces and table decor, to make it beautiful, yet inexpensive. They also make great favors, whether you box them up or simply have them scattered as part of your decor, doubling as a favor.