Have You Been Considering Tooth Implant?

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When cosmetic dentists begin working on restoring smiles, one of the most common issues they deal with are missing teeth. This issue causes people to feel self-conscious with their smile and makes it difficult for them to have the normal function of all of their teeth. To treat the issue of missing teeth, many cosmetic dentists are recommending their patients have Tooth Implant in Cary Il. These implants are placed into the jawbone and are able to effectively replace any missing teeth in your smile. To know whether or not implants are for you, it can help to know how the procedure is carried out.

What are the Steps in Getting Tooth Implant in Cary Il?

Since the procedure for getting Tooth Implant is surgical, your dentist will need to decide what type of anesthetic you will need. There are basically two types you can receive, either general or local. Local anesthesia only numbs the area being worked on. This is done in cases where you will only require one or two implants being put in. General anesthesia puts you to sleep during the procedure and is typically used when several implants are being installed.

Before your procedure, you will be given instructions to follow. You will most likely need to avoid eating and drinking before the surgery and there are some medications you should not take. It is important you follow these instructions, so you do not experience any issues with your procedure.

To receive your new teeth, you will go through a two-part process. First, you will have your metal anchors implanted into your jawbone. This is the biggest part of getting your new teeth and will require a healing time of around three to four weeks. During your healing period, your anchors will become a part of your jawbone, making them strong and secure, so they can hold your new teeth.

Once you have healed, you can receive your new teeth and finally have the beautiful smile you have longed for.

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