Have Your Home Cleaned and Sanitized by This Company in Bayside

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There’s a company that offers excellent apartment cleanout service in Nassau County. This family-owned business has been cleaning homes since 2010. These are some of the services offered:

  • Cleanout service to residential and commercial property owners is offered. This company’s trained staff and owner removes furniture, fixtures and appliances from the premises. They haul these unwanted items away.
  • Cleanup service can be ordered. This service includes eliminating the clutter from your home or apartment and deep cleaning and sanitizing the premises. It also includes painting, wall and wood floor repairs, pest-control application and more.
  • Thorough basement and attic cleaning is offered. Mildew is treated and dust and dirt are eliminated. Floors and walls are pressure washed, pest-control application is provided, walls are repaired and repainted and shelves are organized.
  • This company will clean your backyard and remove junk. It will remove and haul away your old wood deck, your old swing set, fence, and your above-ground pool or jacuzzi. If you have other types of junk you want removed and hauled away, contact the company.
  • Biohazard cleaning is available. If your property has been contaminated by sewage, dead animals, fecal matter or urine, biohazard cleanup can be safely provided. Contaminated carpeting and wood floors will be removed, walls will be demolished and repairing of your home or property will take place.

Clutter Free Cleanup Pros. offers these and other services, so contact them if you want apartment cleanout service in Nassau County or cleanup of your house or business.

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