Having Aligned Wheels is Important for Safety and Saves Money

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Having a wheel alignment done on your vehicle in Portsmouth RI can make a big difference in its performance. Basically an alignment is accomplished when the four wheels on your car are angled so that they are each parallel to each other as well as perpendicular to the ground. When it is correctly done, your car will move straight ahead when the steering wheel is in a resting position without veering or drifting to the left or right of the lane.

Wheels may become misaligned merely by use of the vehicle over time, but it can be exacerbated by driving on rough roads, hitting potholes, driving up over a curb, and a number of other incidents that may throw the balance of a vehicle’s wheels off. One aspect of keeping the wheel alignment correct is by avoiding poor driving conditions as much as possible, as well as depending on good driving habits. The wheels on your vehicle will still eventually go out of alignment again, however, which is why one aspect of regular car maintenance includes taking your car in for a wheel alignment Portsmouth RI when you purchase new tires or when you suspect that your wheels are out of alignment.

Many people check the alignment of their tires on less populated roads by driving in a straight line with no hands on the steering wheel. If the car immediately begins to drift to the left or the right, it’s likely that the car needs to have the wheels aligned.

Benefits of having a regular wheel alignment by a Portsmouth RI auto shop may not be obvious. The most apparent benefit, however, is a more comfortable and safer ride. When the wheels are properly aligned, it is easier to handle the vehicle, decreasing the possibility of an accident. If there are any issues with steering and tracking, a wheel alignment will often solve them.

Having your wheel alignment also will improve gas mileage if they have been out of alignment. Not only does misaligned tires wear down tread more quickly (due to the fact that the car is pulling in direction counter to the pull of the wheels), but it will also create friction that causes gas mileage to increase. Keeping the wheels aligned and the tires properly inflated solves both problems, and creates safer and smoother riding conditions. Moreover, having wheels aligned increases the longevity of tire tread, which means you will not have to spend money on new tires as soon or often as you would otherwise.

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