Heavy duty towing In Lumberton

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Unfortunate accidents cannot be avoided especially on the road, there are certain occasions where in drivers miscalculate and suffer from road mishaps. Big trucks are usually involved in this kind of accident and heavy duty towing in Lumberton is required in order to make sure that the vehicle would be safely towed and transported into another location.

Oil companies and petroleum companies who are in need of immediate towing services in order to prevent further problems to passersby and the company can get the assistance of heavy duty towing in Lumberton.

Services provided by towing companies in Lumberton:

Lumberton towing services would be able to handle light and heavy duty towing or recovery. Not only that they are also willing to provide services that will assist clients who are locked out of their car or those who need basic roadside assistance.

A crew would be sent to assist clients on the road; other services of companies will also include water recovery, and the assistance with services that are related to building towing as well as 24 hour emergency assistance. There are certain companies that will already send the bill directly to the private insurance of their clients; this will help save clients who are unable to provide immediate cash for the towing or recovery process.

How to know if you are hiring a legitimate heavy duty towing In Lumberton

Genuine towing services would be able to provide proof of their registration and permits to tow trucks. The drivers will also be properly licensed, a real and efficient towing services company would also be able to provide insurance for their own equipment as well as certification requirements that are needed for them for licensing and permit. Real towing services would also be able to provide a number of tow trucks that could be used for this particular task.

The truck operators would also be wearing proper gear and attire in order to make sure that they will be protected during the towing of the trucks and other vehicles. Tow truck companies are required to renew their vehicles and present valid proofs of permit for each truck for each state.

This is being done in order to protect the interests of clients and to prevent instances where the company owners would be liable because they forgot to fix papers and documents that are being required of them.

What information do I need to get my car towed?

In order for the company to tow the car, the client needs to provide the location of the vehicle, the type of vehicle they have, the year, make and model, the color, the license plate as well as the address and business where the car is being towed.

It would be best to explain what is wrong with the vehicle and to provide the clients phone number and the method of payment that will be used after the towing service.

Do you need to be with the vehicle during the towing process?

No, there is no need to be present during the towing of the vehicles. The client can leave the keys with the car and just let the company know how they are paying.

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