Help Your A/C Run Efficiently With Quality AC Sparks Maintenance

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Living in Nevada usually provides people with lots of warm days and often some extremely hot summers which makes keeping your house cool a difficult prospect. Cooling a home is handled in numerous ways with each of them having various levels of success. One simple means of attempting to cool an area is the electric fan, but these tend to simply move hot air around. The next level up are the portable and window based air conditioning units. The success of these systems often vary by the size of the air conditioner and the area to be cooled. Larger portable units can successfully cool one or two rooms, but they usually require supporting fans to help circulate the chilled air.

The most common cooling method in use today are the forced air or central air conditioning systems. These appliances operate with an external condensing unit and an internal air exchange that pushes the air with a blower fan. The internal portion is connected to a series of vents spread through the home to the various rooms. Inside both units you will find a coil whose purpose is to either collect or release the heat in a given area. AC systems in Sparks work by pumping a refrigerant through these coils. The coil inside the home actually picks up residual heat around it and stores that heat in the refrigerant. The external condenser unit pumps the refrigerant through the system and releases that heat into the outside air. As the indoor temperature lowers, the level of the heat removed also lowers allowing the air conditioner to cool the home. By circulating the cooler air through the building you push the warmer air to areas where the system can access it.

Keeping your AC Sparks running properly often requires some special AC Services such as yearly maintenance. When the contractor maintains the system they will typically ensure everything is clean and all electronics operate efficiently. Another important function is verifying the charge on the refrigerant. Quality contractors like Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling want to ensure their customers are using the most efficient appliances available and a proper refrigerant level ensures the air conditioner will function exactly as designed.