Here Are a Few Ways Service Shop Software Can Help Change Your Business

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Service shop software in Monroe, IN, is very helpful when you run a mechanic’s shop, auto body shop, lube shop, or car wash. Your company has a variety of options for every customer, but those customers do not want to stare at a menu board trying to decide what they need. It makes much more sense to use software on all your computers, tablets, and mobile devices. This software helps you share service options with customers, share prices, compare prices, and take payments.

How Is the Software Designed?

Service software is designed to show customers options that are easy to understand. The software will show the package or service you are offering, and the customer can read about that service on the tablet or computer screen. Plus, you can compare prices by quickly changing service options. When your customers can compare prices, they are more likely to make a decision on the spot.

Who Needs This Software?

Every service shop needs software like this because you do not have time to sit down and chat with every customer while also trying to complete repairs or detail a car. You can quickly show your customer what is going on, and you can even use stored information in the system that shows the customer what you did the last time he or she was there. When you have all this information, you can quickly sell your customers on the things they need, take their payments, and get to work.

Find a Software Specialist

Visit eGenuity at or contact the company at its Monroe, IN, office for assistance. When setting up service shop software at your business, you can get something that is customized for your company. Your staff can learn how to use this software with no trouble, and the options that you provide to customers will expand because everything is contained in one program.