High Quality Videography through a Legal Video Specialist

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Experienced court reporting agencies often provide a broad array of services to clients in the criminal justice field. In addition to completing reliable and accurate transcriptions, many firms offer videography services provided by in-house, trained professionals. The filming and editing know-how of a certified legal video specialist is particularly valuable in a courtroom setting. Attorneys can strengthen their cases through recorded evidence, such as interviews, statements, re-enactments, and demonstrations. Judges and jurors may also reach a ruling more easily with addition of video evidence. If you’re in need of legal video services and commitment to quality is important to you, choose only the most experienced videographers to assist you.

Quick Reference
Videographers film a number of events for legal professionals, and are commonly employed to record brief witness statements or full-length court proceedings for judges and lawyers. Tangible records of legal proceedings allows for both immediate and future review. For example, a judge can easily read over statements made by litigants directly after a hearing, or an attorney can review a witness testimony from several months ago. However, when time is of the essence and evidence needs to be reviewed quickly, video recordings come in handy. For this reason, it’s an excellent idea to appoint certified videographers who possess the right training to get the job done.

The Service You Need
Generally, videographers don’t need to obtain college degrees to operate in the criminal justice field or in forensics. However, a considerable amount of knowledge regarding cameras, filming, editing, and other aspects of videography is necessary to carry out client requests. Legal videographers tend to fulfill many duties within the legal system. For example, they may film a deposition for an attorney one day and take detailed video of a crime scene with law enforcement the next. Employing the right legal video specialist guarantees that you’ll receive top-notch videography services and a satisfying end product.

Jersey Shore Reporting employs a number of certified in-house video specialists. Whether you need a deposition recorded or courtroom proceedings filmed, they have the equipment and experience to deliver. For more information visit us today!