Hire a Personal Injury Law Firm If a Relative Has Bedsores

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When an older person becomes bedridden, they must put their trust in hospitals and nursing homes, where the professionals care for those who cannot do things for themselves, and they are required to closely monitor things such as skin condition. Bedsores are common among those who are confined to their beds, and they can be a sign of neglectful healthcare. Bedsore cases are commonly seen by a personal injury law firm such as Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead, P.A.

How Do Bedsores Occur?
If a person lies in a fixed position for a long period, pressure can cut circulation and moisture can build. If such a condition goes untreated, skin cells will eventually die, and the longer the area is left untreated, the further the damage can progress. Some bedsores become fatal; thousands die every year from bedsore-related complications.

Preventing Bedsores with Proper Care
As bad as bedsores are, they are completely preventable: a patient confined to a wheelchair or bed should be frequently moved to relieve irritation and pressure on certain areas. Circulatory processes can be stimulated using special equipment, and the patient’s skin should be monitored for abnormalities because, by catching bedsores early, damage can be prevented and the area can heal.

Who Is at Risk of Bedsores?
While anyone with a mobility-limiting condition can contract bedsores, the elderly are highly at risk. Older people are more susceptible to injury because of aging’s effects, but they sometimes receive differing standards of care. Some nursing homes don’t follow staffing requirements, and they may have fewer nurses. With smaller staffs, patients often wait long periods for care and they typically do not get much time with their caretakers.

The Devastating Consequences of Bedsores
Despite often heavy workloads, healthcare staff must give patients the attention necessary to prevent the development of bedsores. The cost of treating one severe bedsore can be more than $70,000, and damage can be permanent. If a family member or patient sees signs of bedsores, they should notify their caretaker right away and they should also call a personal injury law firm to go over their legal options.