Hire a Service to do Commercial Lighting Maintenance in Ft. Wayne, IN

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Most businesses not only have a huge amount of lights, but have them in places that aren’t readily accessible. Parking lot lights and sign lights may be 30 feet from the ground. Inside, the majority of large stores use ceiling lights to spread illumination all over the interior without creating shadows.

Needless to say, maintaining these lights is both time-consuming and risky. Sending an average employee up a tall ladder to change ceiling lights creates a workers’ compensation claim that’s just waiting to happen. Even if the ladder is sturdy, a worker who isn’t steady on his feet or who is afraid of high places can easily get dizzy and fall all the way down. Outside, the prospect of using in-house employees to maintain the lights is even less feasible. Most lot lights are simply too high for a ladder to reach, so a manlift needs to be used instead. A manlift is a utility-style truck with a bucket.

Because of the difficulties and dangers of drafting in-house employees to do the work, it’s a good idea to hire an outside company to do lighting maintenance in Ft. Wayne, IN. Doing so allows you to avoid diverting employees from the jobs you actually hired them for and eliminates the risk of any resulting workers’ compensation claims. The lighting maintenance company will have its own insurance. It will also have workers who signed up specifically for this type of work and are used to being up at high ceilings instead of on the ground.

A firm specializing in lighting maintenance in Ft. Wayne, IN also has all of the equipment needed to reach tall outside lighting fixtures. They’ll come in with their manlift, so for them, changing a bulb that’s 30 or 40 feet up will be a snap. These companies can change a surprising number of parking lot bulbs in an hour thanks to the fact that they have the right equipment and that this equipment is doing the labor of getting the employee up to the fixture.

Maintenance companies like Central Lighting Service also offer the ability to sign up for contracts. This allows you to have them come before any lights go out. By having the bulbs pre-emptively changed on a schedule, you’ll be able to avoid the run-down look that is caused by dead bulbs.