Hiring A Divorce Lawyer In Claremont For A Contested Divorce

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A Divorce Lawyer in Claremont provides assistance in establishing your rights in divorce proceedings. These rights apply to property ownership and child custody primarily. In divorce cases, it is not uncommon for spouses to wage war over property that would not otherwise interest them other than to inflict pain upon each other. Although sad but true for some couples divorce is not simply a legal matter that requires resolve, but a stressful time in which neither wishes to agree upon anything.

Divorce is a Battlefield

For some couples, it is difficult to come into an agreement in terms of property division. This is primarily the case when the marital property is extensive. Each individuals believes that they have the right to the property and choose to fight until they have everything. Unfortunately, this has become a common occurrence in some divorce cases. As a result, the couple must attend mediation to attempt to come into an agreement. This option is typically the last chance that either has to devise an agreement between husband and wife.

Through a divorce trial, the judge who has the final say in terms of who receives anything. He or she listens to arguments on each side of the courtroom and makes a determination based on solid evidence proving who is the rightful owner. In cases where a prenuptial agreement is not present, there are not any guarantees that both parties will walk away with everything that they brought initially into the marriage.

Local Divorce Representation

The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock provides legal assistance for individuals who wish to end their marriage. This attorney will provide clarity during difficult times and enable clients to fight against their spouse to arrive at an agreement. Through understanding of these laws this attorney can assist clients with contested divorces and protect their rights within these matters. To schedule a consultation with an attorney at this law firm, you should contact the office via the number listed on their website.


A Divorce Lawyer in Claremont in some cases is a legal referee. He or she is the legal representation that stands between two individuals who found it difficult to agree during their marriage and may find additionally adversity during divorce proceedings. It is through diligence and understanding of the law that your attorney will provide effective legal counsel and assist you in ending your marriage as quickly and beneficial as possible.

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