Hiring A Dog Bite Injury Attorney In Queens, NY

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Your Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Queens, NY assists you in filing a claim against the owners of the dog that attacked you. In animal attack cases, the probability of severe injuries are considerably high. These cases are often complex and require a considerable amount of evidence to prove that the dog in question is responsible for your injuries. Typically, unless the pet owner witnesses the accident, they may try to discredit your claim, which is why it is paramount for you to acquire an attorney to assist you in gathering medical evidence and witness testimony. If you need legal assistance after a dog bit, contact the Law Offices of Kiley, Kiley, & Kiley PLLC.

The Detriment of Dog Attacks

The nature of the dog attack and the severity of the victim’s wounds determine whether or not the judge may establish that the dog must be put down due to a risk to the public. This option is initiated frequently when the attack is malicious in nature and produced extensive injuries such as loss of limb. This is why it is essential to retrieve biological evidence to link the dog to your attack when the injuries are this severe.

Injury Attorneys

Injury Law On Call presents you with the assistance you need to file a claim against a pet owner when you are bitten or attacked by a neighborhood dog. These attorneys comprehend the importance of credible evidence that links from the dog to the victim without doubt. They understand how to construct a personal injury claim that presents all details of the attack and provides witness testimony. To hire an attorney to file a personal injury claim, visit their website.


Your Dog Bite Injury Attorney In Queens, NY presents you with effective legal assistance. Through knowledge of personal injury law, your attorney gathers appropriate evidence to provide an effective link between your injuries and the dog in question. This evidence leaves zero room for error and prevents the pet owner from discrediting your claim. Witness testimony backs up your account of this attack. In difficult cases it is necessary to retrieve biological evidence from your wounds and the dog. If you are the victim of a dog attack, contact Business Name.