Hiring A Social Security Attorney In Tacoma

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A social security attorney of Todd R. Renda in Tacoma provides legal representation for individuals who are permanently disabled and require benefits. In these cases, the individual has filed a claim with the Social Security Administration and received a denial of benefits. An attorney can evaluate the documentation for this claim and distinguish why the disabled individual was denied and provide the opportunity to file a new claim.

Eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits

To receive disability benefits you must possess a disability that prevents you from acquiring employment and financially supporting yourself. To establish eligibility you are required to present evidence of this disability to the SSA via application or through court proceedings. Evidentiary support to establish eligibility consists of medical records that determine when the disability began and how it impacts your life.

Disabilities Defined

A disability is either physical or mental as defined by the SSA. This disability must present the probability that you are unable to work and support yourself due to this condition. During the process required to establish disability, medical appointments are made to evaluate the condition stated as the disability. The SSA will send the applicant to doctors who work with them to make this distinction. Once the evaluation is concluded, the doctors report their findings back to the SSA to make a final determination.

Local Representation

Todd R. Renda, Attorney At Law in Tacoma represents the disabled in disability claims. This attorney is familiar with eligibility requirements for disability benefits and how to proceed through this process. He will provide counsel to anyone who wishes to file a claim and empower them to fight for their rights. If you would like to schedule a consultation with this attorney, you may contact him at his local office.

A Social security attorney in Tacoma comprehends the need for benefits and understands how vital it is for you to secure them. After a careful evaluation of your case, your preferred attorney will distinguish the most effective course of action for you. He or she will present you with information related to eligibility and review your evidence to determine if more is needed.