Hiring A Whistleblower Attorney To Assist You

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A whistleblower attorney assists you in addressing unethical and unlawful business practices by exposing these crimes performed by your employer. Through the Whistleblower Act, you have the legal right to come forward with any information related to crimes that you have witnessed. This legislation protects you by allowing you to acquire legal counsel to assist you in bringing this information to the public. If you have witnessed crimes performed by your employer and need legal assistance contact Caffarelli & Associates Ltd. today.

Exposing Crimes

At any time that you witness crimes performed by co-workers or management staff, you have the right to report these crimes. However, through this process, you will require an attorney to assist you in these endeavors. You need a whistleblower attorney in Chicago to protect you against retaliation and to keep you safe. You have the legal right their the Whistleblower Act to expose these crimes and come forward with evidence to prove that a crime was committed.

Your attorney can assist you in filing a claim against your employer. Alternatively, you may file a report with the Department of Justice through your attorney. If the Department of Justice deems it necessary to launch an investigation then your employer will be formally charged.

Local Legal Representation

Caffarelli & Associates Ltd. provide a legal presentation for anyone who wishes to come forward with testimony or evidence of crimes committed by their employers. These attorneys can protect you through legal counsel and prevent retaliation from your employer. Crimes such as defrauding the government by acquiring grants for false reasons or embezzlement are included within the Whistleblower Act. To acquire legal representation to expose crimes, contact this law firm.


Your whistleblower attorney prepares you for court and probable retaliation by your employer. Under the Whistleblower Act, you have the right to counsel to assist you in exposing crimes and other unlawful activities performed by your employer. You have the right to acquire an attorney to protect your rights and prevent potentially dangerous situations.