Hiring An Accident Lawyer In Auburn, CA After Negligence Occurs

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In the state of California, there are several possible moving violations that could lead to injury. These possibilities open the door to the litigation process which allows victims to seek damages from the driver whose actions caused the accident. If you were the victim of negligence you should contact an accident lawyer in Auburn, CA to represent you.

Negligent Per Se

Placer County courts assign fault in automobile accidents based on the events that lead up to them. When law enforcement makes distinctions during the investigation of the accident, they gather eye-witness accounts if they didn’t see the accident themselves. The findings determine whether a moving violation ultimately led to the accident. Common moving violations that cause accidents include but are not limited to speeding, failure to yield, and reckless driving.

In California, all drivers are required to have their vehicles inspected for defects. Drivers are required to maintain braking systems to retain the ability to stop the vehicle properly. Maintenance and inspection don’t guarantee that an accident won’t occur due to negligent acts of mechanics or manufacturers.

DUI charges that were incurred after an automobile accident could be increased by the judge if serious injuries or a fatality occurred. Assignment of penalties is based on the prior record of the driver, the blood -alcohol content at the time of their arrest, and the circumstances surrounding the accident. Additional moving violations such as unsafe following distances, driving the wrong way, and illegal lane changes. Drunk driving is a negligent act and causes accidents due to the driver’s inability to make coherent decisions and react quickly in hazardous situations.

Although Placer County courts take measures to prevent litigation by enforcing insurance laws, it is still possible for a victim to collect monetary damages. The insurance laws for California require all drivers to maintain at least $15,000 per individual who is injured in an accident with a maximum payout of $50,000. The insurance policy should also offer $5,000 for property damage. Any driver who is not compliant with these laws will face fines based on the number of previous infractions.

Victims who sustained injuries by uninsured or negligent drivers have the legal right to file a lawsuit. If they were seriously injured or killed, the victim’s family can file a claim on their behalf. If you need an Accident Lawyer in Auburn CA you should visit domain URL today for further details.