Hiring An Auto Accident Attorney in Joliet, IL

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Traffic accidents happen all the time, and even a seemingly minor car accident can have serious repercussions. If you are hurt and unable to work, the financial problems can multiply very quickly, causing a great deal of stress while you’re trying to heal. Dealing with insurance companies that are watching out for their own interests, not yours, can make it even more difficult. That’s why it’s important to speak with an auto accident attorney in Joliet, IL, if you are hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Your attorney will make sure you’re protected during this trying time and also ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

When hiring an auto accident attorney in Joliet, IL, ask family and friends for a recommendation. Most will know of a reputable law firm. Give the office a call and set up a free initial consultation to discuss your case. If you are unable to come into the office for the consultation due to your injury, most attorneys will be glad to meet with you in either the hospital or at home. Explain the entire accident to the attorney, leaving nothing out. It’s important you are totally honest with him, as leaving out any important facts could jeopardise your case down the road.

If the attorney agrees to take your case, fully understand your financial arrangement with him before you sign any papers. Most auto accident attorneys work on a contingency basis. That means that they receive payment when you receive your settlement. You are not required to pay any money up front. The attorney agrees to a predetermined portion of your settlement as payment when the case is resolved. Know what the percentage is that you will be paying, and also verify what other charges you may be responsible for paying. Knowing this upfront will avoid any unwelcome surprises when you receive your settlement check, and it’s less than you thought it would be.

Take the time to choose the right attorney for your case. You, then, can rest assured knowing that you have an experienced attorney watching out for your interests while you can concentrate on the task of recovery. Contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C., if you are looking for an auto accident attorney in Joliet, IL. Visit BlockLaw.com for more information!