Hiring An Rockford Social Security Attorney

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An Rockford Social Security Attorney presents you with the opportunity to file a claim for disability benefits. If you are turned down for benefits, you have the legal right to file an appeal in court to have your claim evaluated by a judge. Through this process an attorney can assist you in gathering any additional evidence you need to prove your eligibility for these benefits.

Filing for Disability Benefits

There are two reasons for filing for disability benefits. The claimant may develop a mental illness or physical impairment that prevents him or her from financially supporting themselves and their families. If this disability occurred due to an accident in which negligence played a role, it is possible that the claimant many additionally have a viable personal injury claim.

Establishing Eligibility

The Social Security Administration has set guidelines for establishing eligibility for disability benefits. These guidelines define a disability as a permanent condition that hinders one’s ability to become gainfully employed due to mental or physical conditions. When you initially file for these benefits you are required to complete a questionnaire that requires you to state a beginning date for your condition and fully explain how it affects your life.

Local Attorney

Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. focuses primarily on social security disability cases. The attorneys work diligently to ensure that their clients’ claims are complete, accurate, and have adequate evidentiary support. Through their understanding of social security laws, the attorneys present these claims effectively to a judge to ensure that the client receives the benefits he or she deserves. For further assistance with a social security disability claim, contact the attorneys at this law firm.


Your Rockford Social Security Attorney prepares an effective claim for you that will enable you to receive disability benefits. This claim consists of detailed documentation of your disability and when it began. This documentation consists of medical records and more that present the nature of your disability to the judge which allows him or her to understand how it affects your daily life. To determine your rights and take the next step, you should contact Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. immediately.