Hiring Experienced Piano Movers to Relocate Your Classroom Supplies

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When your music or band classroom has been relocated to a different space on campus, you may be given just a few days to get everything moved. Small items like the music stands, folders and shelves are easy and relatively quick to pack up and move to the new classroom. However, large fixtures like your grand piano will take more time and care to relocate.

Rather than entrust the moving of an expensive and delicate musical instrument to your students or the school janitors, you can instead have it moved carefully by hiring professional piano movers in Chicago. These contractors will take the time and care required to move your grand piano to the new space quickly and safely.

Packing with Care

It is not feasible for the piano to be simply picked up and moved like any other piece of furniture. To protect it from damages like scratches or dents, it must be packed carefully with bubble wrap, foam and other protective materials. It then must be placed carefully inside of a moving truck or on a dolly to be moved to the new classroom.

The movers take their time to wrap the piano and shield it from damages. It will arrive to its new destination in one piece. You can find out more about the reasons to hire professional piano movers in Chicago for this careful task online. Contact Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc.