Hiring the Best Vinyl Siding Orland Park Contractor

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After painting their homes every five years for decades, many homeowners finally decide to install vinyl siding on the outside of their house. Their goal is to have a perfect looking exterior that requires very little maintenance. However if they don’t hire reputable Vinyl Siding Orland Park contractors they may swap one set of problems for another. Improperly installed siding will warp and buckle and develop unsightly seams. However, when skilled contractors install high-quality vinyl siding homeowners are pleased with the results for many carefree decades.

Using nails to install vinyl siding leads to warped panels. The nails have to be inserted perfectly and at the correct depth. If the contractor is a fraction off the siding will buckle at some point in the future. Building materials suppliers have developed new siding that is attached using screws. The screws are inserted with a special tool that guarantees the proper angle and depth. This eliminates any potential for warping, because the siding has the ability to expand and contract properly.

All vinyl siding has insulation, but cheaper siding doesn’t have enough to keep it from warping. In that case it’s just a flat layer of insulation that sits between the siding and existing shingles or clapboard. Better insulation is thicker and fits into all of the crevices between the siding and existing exterior. This added support keeps the vinyl from bending. It also increases the insulation factor. Houses stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Homeowners have reported a 30 percent reduction in their energy bills.

Every time that a Vinyl Siding Orland Park contractor has to connect two pieces of siding it creates a seam. Over time this seam becomes more noticeable. Homeowners should ensure that their contractors use the longest possible piece of vinyl siding. Today that’s 29 feet. For most homes that will allow almost all surfaces to be covered with one piece, preventing any seams in the future. If contractors have a longer length to cover, then they should carefully minimize the visual impact of the seam. If homeowners are aware of these three issues, they can use that knowledge to hire the best vinyl siding contractor in their city.