How a dentist can repair a chipped tooth

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As people age their teeth age with them, they are subjected to decay, staining, cracking and chipping. Degradation of natural teeth is impossible to avoid but the dental community have a number of ways to overcome the problems, one of which is fitting dental veneers in Fall River.

Dental veneers are very thin shells made from porcelain, they are custom made to fit over the front of a patients existing tooth. A dental veneer instantly improves the look of the teeth but improving the color, shape and to a certain extent, the alignment of the teeth. Dental veneers in Fall River are an excellent way to enhance one’s smile without having to resort to having the teeth “capped” with expensive crowns. Patients can have any number of teeth veneered.

If the decision is made to have dental veneers it will be necessary to set an appointment when impressions are made. The dentist will take the natural teeth down slightly which will allow for the thickness of the veneers when they are placed. If this is not done the veneers will have the tendency to push on the inside of the lips giving the patient a”horsey” look. Once the teeth have been taken down and the impressions made, the impressions are sent off to a dental laboratory where technician’s custom make the veneers. At the same time the impressions are sent, the dentist will tell the lab what color the veneers are to be, the color is chosen by the patient in consultation with the dentist. When the veneers are returned from the lab they are bonded to the front of the natural teeth and final shaping is done.

Porcelain is the most popular material as it is a material that reflects light in the same way a real tooth does; this results in a very natural look. Porcelain resists staining but there is a drawback, porcelain, even though it is very strong can chip so care must be taken. Chipping and cracking are not to be expected under normal circumstances but the wearer must avoid biting on ice or chewing ones fingernails. The front teeth should not be used to open packages. People who have these habits will either have to stop them or they will not be the best candidates for veneers.

Although technically not a true dental veneer the teeth can also be bonded with resin. The teeth need little in the way of preparation, the dentist simply places the resin on the surface of the teeth, the resin hardens and the dentist shapes the hardened resin by sanding.

If your natural teeth are cracked, chipped or discolored you may wish to consider dental veneers in Fall River. You are invited to make an appointment with Dr. Carl Ferreira DMD, P.C.

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