How A Probate Attorney Can Help You Plan And Settle A Will

If you’ve lived very long, you have most likely experienced or heard about a situation where a loved one’s will was not properly set up and there was bickering among the heirs about who should inherit what property and assets. Even the most loving and tight knit families can become bitter and angry toward one another in an estate dispute due to the sensitive nature of the situation. Because of this, it is critical that you find a good probate attorney in Lincoln Park NJ who can help you setup your estate properly before the time of your death.

Probate is a legal proceeding which is the means for proving that a will is valid, as well as the transference of all willed property after a person’s death. Once probate has been completed, the estate is legally settled. This will happen whether or not a person has a will, which is referred to as testate, or even if a person does not have a will, legally called intestate. If you do not have a will, you will not be in control of who gets what of your assets and properties, so state and federal laws will apply to your beneficiaries.

A probate attorney Lincoln Park NJ can help you determine if you need to create a will and what needs to be included in it. Items such as providing for minor children and other loved ones who are dependent on you are critical to your estate planning needs. You want to make sure to have a competent attorney who you can trust to provide you with sound legal advice about the proper way to plan for the distribution of your property and other assets.
If you have had a loved one die and need to oversee the distribution of assets, you should look for probate attorney who has extensive experience in personal, trusts, and estate planning as well as administration and court litigation. If necessary, your probate lawyer can help you contest an invalid will or provide you with legal guidance for issues with other will recipients.

A probate attorney in Lincoln Park NJ will help you settle an estate by collecting all property of the person who has died and using proceeds to pay all their debts and taxes owed. They will then collect all income, interest owed, and dividends that are payable to the decedent. The probate attorney then settles any disputes concerning the will of the estate and distributes the remaining property to the beneficiaries of the will. Click here for more information.